Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Phriday - Premature Turkification

I was born in the United States (hello, fellow Michiganders!) and spent the first 9 years of my life there before moving to Canada.  As a result, there are certain things which are hardwired into my psyche that no amount of free health care can dislodge.

  1. I measure in inches and feet, not centimetres and decimetres.
  2. I am perpetually mixed up by the difference between temperatures in Celsius vs. temperatures in Fahrenheit.
  3. Black Friday - Canada, get on it!
And finally (and most importantly)...


It just is.

September you have Labor Day.
October you have Halloween
November you have Thanksgiving
December you have Christmas (or your variation on the winter holiday).

It's a progression of holiday awesomeness.  It's a perfect build.  If you jam Thanksgiving in before Halloween, what's there to look forward to in November?  I mean, really.

And so, to my Canadian friends, I wish you a Happy FAKE Thanksgiving this weekend.  I hope you enjoy your seasonally presumptuous turkey.  But mine is right where it belongs (and is today's Photo Phriday subject)

Stay cool, Turkey.  We'll see you next month.  I'll be out, running.

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