Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Phriday

Since I'm so tired that it feels like my brain is broken (up late and early with Scooter, thanks to a rough round of chemo), I have decided to institute a new alliterative funzie.

Photo Phriday.

This week will feature extra photos from the Disneyland Half Marathon, largely taken my Greg, because he's generally just better at getting it done.

Warning, it's a bit of a hodge-podge.  Did I mention I'm a little brain dead today?  I should leave in all my typos, then you'd be like "Dude, that is that lady, like, six?"  (I am not six.)

This was our first glimpse of the field at Angel Stadium.  The grass smelled amazing.

Greg likes Angel Field, too!

Here we are, hustling towards the cheers.

In Los Angeles, this passes for a river.  I've got bad news for you, LA...

Snazzy ol' car!

Another snazzy ol' car.  This one's a woody.  Stop snickering.

These aren't the runners you're looking for.  I love the gal with her hand out - like she's trying to choke Vader with the Force.

This is just before it all went to hell... Nice photo, though, huh?
Which way?  Ohhhh, DISNEY Way.

Flo's in CarsLand.  Do yourselves a favor and eat here.
 So there it is.  My blog version of a "clip show".

Stay tuned, I've got a "long run" on my Galloway WDW Half Marathon Training program for  tomorrow, all of about 4-5 miles (pshaw!).  I've got to stop resting at some point, right?  My calf's pretty much loosened up, and we're all running the Zoo 10K on September 22nd.

I hear this course has a lot of hills.  Yikes.

Hills:  Do you love them, or just love to hate them?

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