Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weigh in Day

Today was weigh-in, and I was pleased to find out that my first week on the Weight Watchers 360 program, I was down 3.4 lbs.  Very pleased.  My goal was to have lost 3 lbs, since I know you always lose a little more in week one.

That includes the drinks I've had this week (1 beer and 1/2 a bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve) and the bits of candy I've allowed myself (and counted).  Oh, candy.

But what I've done is try to include a bit of fruit or veg with every snack I've had (relatively successful) and tracked evvvverything.  Tracking what I'm eating has made me very aware of how little fruit I'd been eating.  Dummy.  Fruit is your friend.

Physiotherapy has been going well.  My PT was happy to see the swelling in my achilles had decreased and the range of motion had improved over the weekend.  I'm heading back to see him tomorrow, and then hopefully once next week before the half.  I will say this - it feels significantly better than it did a week ago.  There's still a bump, but it doesn't hurt to touch it any more... so... good?

And in the irony department - the clinic where I go also sells shoes and braces and what-have-you...  Yeah.  They have my old Nike Structure 15s.  So I could have gotten them there...


We had one of our few remaining training runs last night and went super-duper slow.  It was cold, icy and we were both a little twingy from our respective physio treatments, so we took it a little easy.  Seeing a 15 min/mile pace freaks me out a little for a mid-week training run (I prefer them to be faster), but you have to take the miles as they come.

The countdown to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend begins.  We leave in ONE WEEK!!

Perhaps my next post will focus on packing and organizing for the trip... excited?

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