Sunday, March 3, 2013


Today is a "Home Port" day, which means three things:

1. Starbucks
2. Mall
3. Apple Store Internet

If you're ever in a town with a cruise ship port, and you walk past an Apple Store with a bunch of people hunkered down with knapsacks and a desperate look on their face... that'll be us.  We have a few hours to get our week's errands (and downloads) done, and we stretch those hours to the limit.

While I wait for my iPhone update to download, (and since all my Walking Dead episodes are already in the bank) what better time to update my blog?

Chicago week was great - but cold. We had a look at the weather forecast before we left home, and opted not to bring our winter jackets. After all, we were headed to Florida and ports south. Why bring heavy coats?

Big mistake.

I habitually wore 7 layers to rehearsal every day to stay warm in the super-cold snap that hit Chicago. But somehow we made it through the week without getting sick. I went to a local Weight Watchers store to weigh in on my usual day (Thursday) and was a bit bummed out that I had gained 2.2 pounds, despite my careful eating. I didn't let it get to me, and we enjoyed our usual favourite foods for the rest of the week (Al's Italian Beef Sandwich and a pizza from Lou Malnati's)

Week One on the ship was also a lot of fun. We are lucky to work with some wonderful producers and directors, and this time around we had a real pair of firecrackers, and our cast was right on board for the work and inevitable shenannigans that occur as well. We had a successful, low stress week of work.

I did, however, catch a mean case of "Ship Lung" almost immediately, which left me coughing for over a week. I tried to sleep as much as possible, and didn't work out at all for the whole first week on the ship in an effort to recover. Between the lack of exercise and some pretty rich meals (and a few beer) I put on another couple of pounds that first week.

Week two was better. I started P90X with Greg - although the first workout was very difficult since I still couldn't take a full, deep breath without coughing - and we started our semi-annual cleanse (using a supplement kit from Trader Joe's). Along with the cleanse, you're meant to follow a clean eating plan, avoiding dairy, red meat, sugar, processed foods, alcohol, simple carbs like potatoes or rice... you know - everything on a cruise ship... Between that and keeping track of our calories on myfitnesspal on our iPhones we both dropped a lot of weight this past week. Like, 6 pounds for me. So now I weigh less than I did at home at my last Weight Watchers weigh-in. Hooray! This is a first for me. Two weeks on the ship and weighing LESS than I did at home? Unpossible. 

But I did it.

Now that my lungs are almost back to normal, I feel like I can start running again.

I will officially be "Running on Water" again.

I can't wait.

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