Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I wouldn't say that I'm an organized person.

Frankly, I don't think most other people would say I'm an organized person, either.

But I try.  Oh, lordy do I try.  I've even started a fledgling board on my Pinterest account to that effect: Organized Home

I have an ever-shifting mental checklist which I try to keep on top of, but the problem with mental checklists is that they do shift.  Items slide off the checklist, or re-arrange themselves at will.  Or get obscured by something shiny.  Or better yet, my brain suddenly remembers items for the list while I'm trying to fall asleep, and then immediately forgets them when I wake up.

Anyone else?

So that's why I tend to get a little amped up the day before and the morning of any travel - which must drive my poor (very laid back regarding these things) husband a little koo-koo.

It's inevitably a loop of me pacing from room to room saying "what am I forgetting, I feel like I'm forgetting something".

I should add "make a physical check-list" to my mental check-list.

My point is that we are starting our travel tomorrow, and I should probably be getting ready in some way.  Probably.  I'd know for sure if I had an organized list (see above).

Fortunately, the runDisney blog has done some of the work for me.  They've come up with a checklist.

So that's handled.

Here's our travel.

Thursday afternoon, we head to the bus station downtown to board a Megabus for Buffalo.  We snagged $15 tickets, which almost makes the 3.5 hours of bus travel acceptable.  We'll have to bring some good videos to watch, and hope for wifi on the bus.

Why are we taking a 3.5 hour bus ride to fly out of Buffalo?  To save hundreds of dollars.  When we priced out the trip, we discovered that flying out of Buffalo would save us $700.  That's right.  $700.  If there's anything that can get me on a bus, it's $700 back in my pocket.

We're spending the night at a Buffalo hotel near the airport - thank you Priceline - then flying to California for the big race!

I can't believe that in a few days we'll be running the Disneyland Half marathon.
I'm still a little nervous about being undertrained (despite running my fastest 10K ever last weekend), but I'm also excited.
I'm choosing to believe in myself.

What do you think - is confidence a choice?

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