Friday, August 24, 2012

Toronto Women's 10K Kit

Tomorrow's the big day!  Well, A big day.

This afternoon, I picked up my Race Kit from the Running Room up in Rosedale, and I'm all set to run the Toronto Women's 10K, despite the necessity of me leaving the house at 6am.  Ick.

Race Kit!

I was really happy to see the Bios H2O collapsable water bottle.  I've had my eye on similar bottles for a while.  With the amount of travelling, packing and unpacking that we do, sometimes my trusty Kleen Kanteen isn't the most practical.

There's also a bitty Lemon Zest Luna Bar and a packet of eLoad Energy Gel (also lemon - fortunately I love lemon).  I won't try the eLoad for the race, since I'm not sure what's going to happen, tummy-wise.

The shirt is Mizuno, and I have to be honest, for me - I don't love it.  I'll have to try it out on a run, but there's no give to the fabric, and I must have the fattest head/neck combo imaginable, because it's a tight squeeze getting through there and it's tighter around my neck than I'd like.  But it's cute. I'll give it a chance some other time.
The back has the Toronto Women's Runs motto: "Women set the pace", which is also cute.

Everyone else will have their first name on their bib.  Not me.  I entered my name backwards.  First name in the last name spot, and vice versa.  So while supporters are shouting out their encouragement for "Mary!" "Lisa!", "Bev!", I'll have to listen for "WELLS!!"

Oh, Wells.  You goofball.

My plan for breakfast tomorrow is coffee, scrambled egg whites, oatmeal and a banana.  It worked for the half Marathon, so it should work for the 10K.
I'm going to bring some Honey Stingers for a little pick-me-up halfway through (if I need it) and I think I'll just use the on-course water, rather than bringing a hydration belt, but you can bet I'll have a big bottle of Accelerade on hand for after the race.

Like I've mentioned before, I'm doing this race solo.  I'm excited about that, and just the teeniest bit nervous.

Have you run a race solo before?  What did you like about it?

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  1. You're not solo, silly! I'll be there and I can't wait to meet you. I'm on facebook (I added you) so just send me your cell or I can send you mine :) And my cheering section (my kids) have enough enthusiasm for ALL the runners.

    But ... other than starting with people, I'm so totally content to run solo. I kinda love it. And embrace it.

    See ya tomorrow. And I'm super excited. It's also not just you. The shirt is a weird size. I like it, but I'm glad I went with a medium not a small. (not that I'm a small, but sometimes in running shirts I am).