Saturday, August 18, 2012


Life's full of 'em.

I was supposed to go to PEI with my husband and his family next week, but, alas, no longer.

 When we finally got home to Toronto, my sister reminded me that she had a very important show coming up.  We're all artists of one kind or another around here, and her artistic skills bend heavily into the 'visual arts' territory.  She takes after our recently departed Grandmother that way.

Grandma (Betty) Peldo, with a pretty decent haul!
One of Grandma's paintings.
Anyway, my sister Rachael has a booth for this year's big to-do of the loveable nerds, FanExpoCanada and I'm sticking around to help her get set up (and to pose with her in a photo with the indomitable Stan Lee).

If you can't make FanExpoCanada, you can always buy her art at her Etsy store.

Plus, our adorable little jerk of a dog will be getting his regular chemotherapy treatment this weekend, which means he'll be feeling pretty darn sick starting on Thursday of next week.  Apparently it's like clockwork - very messy clockwork.
Scooter's doing amazingly well.  We're very proud of him.  And since we've been away so long, I just have to stick around and hold his little paw through this round.

Boy he loves the snow...

All that said, it's wonderful to be home.  Sleeping in our own bed is miraculous.  Seeing our family, friends and dog is therapeutic.  Cooking our own food is a revelation...  paying for that food is a pain, though!

We went out for a short conditioning run again yesterday... outside!  In the real world!  With scenery!  And as much as the Central Park run kicked my ass, the run yesterday energized me.  Thank goodness, because the Central Park run really shook my confidence.  I'm totally worried about not being prepared for the Disneyland Half Marathon in a couple of short weeks.  I feel woefully undertrained.

So naturally we're signing up for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January (just the half for me, thank you).  Yikes.  I'm nuts.

And finally - I'm all about trying new things.  I just picked up a couple of Vega Sport gels from our local Whole Foods (we went to visit the food we can't afford).  I'm going to try them out on our long run this weekend and see how they are.
We like Honey Stinger Chews and Clif Shot Blocks & Clif Shots - I like to have something to 'eat' while we're plugging away for longer than 45 minutes, and sometimes I want it to be a solid, not a gel.  I'm a weirdo about that.
I'll also alternate between water and Accelerade sometimes.

I probably over supplement, but hey, whatever gets you through, rights?

What's your supplement of choice?

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