Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Miles in Bermuda

This week we added a little more sight-seeing in our run.

There used to be a railway that ran almost all the way from one end of the island to the other, connecting people and goods along the 22 mile span of the colonial paradise.

The railway is long gone, but the Bermudans made good use of the path it left behind. They made a trail for the use and enjoyment of Bermudans and visitors alike. You can ride bikes, horses, walk or run this trail.

We opted to run.

Once we got to Somerset, we found the trial head and chugged our own way along the Railway Trail, taking in the scenic vistas and quiet back roads.

If we had thought of it sooner, we would have made more use of these trails. They're lovely. The tourism booths generally have maps explaining where the trails are, how long each section is, and what highlights you find in each.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why this is so smooshed.

I will say this about running in Bermuda. The roads are narrow, and sidewalks are a luxury, plus the traffic runs in the "British style", aka "the wrong side of the road" to us. It's worth keeping the earphones out while you get used to that, but also because there are so many birds and chirping tree frogs, it's also its own reward.

Also its own reward? A VERY COLD beer after your 10 mile run. We had ours at a local sports bar before walking back to the ship.

I admit, we looked a little weird. When we paused our run for a moment to explore some steps down to the water, the locals we encountered fishing told us we looked futuristic. We were pretty geared up with our CEP compression socks, new FuelBelt hydration belts (in crazy colours) and my iPhone strapped to my arm.

But hey, we were visible. And on those Bermuda roads, that's important.

Soooo cold!

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