Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bitter Pill

As a ship dweller, we have little control over the quality of food that we eat. Yes, there is a salad bar, but there are truly only so many days you can eat lettuce, tomato and cucumber and call it a 'salad'.

So this brings me to the idea of vitamins.

I know I should be taking them. I really do. I even splurged on a GNC Vitapak, the very vibrant and athletic (albeit, redundant) sounding "Women's Ultra Mega Active".


I would use a different descriptive.


Greg doesn't understand why I "act like a 5 year old" when it's time to take my vitamins, but honestly, they smell so, so, soooo bad. I put them in my mouth and immediately gag from the smell-taste. We tried a different version of the Vitapak, hoping it wouldn't smell so bad.

It did.

So now I have a nice big ziplock bag in the fridge of various vitamins that I will never take unless harassed and mocked.

Then I tried the shake version of the vitamins. I like shakes! Well, the shakes were worse. They tasted fine, but they made me feel like my stomach was going to drop out of my bum. Gassy? MEGA ULTRA!

So now I just take some fast acting Glucosamine/Chondroitin, which I can handle, and I pretend that I'm getting enough of everything else.

So tell me - what vitamins do you take? And do they smell like an Ogre's behind?

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