Sunday, June 2, 2013

A New Page

This week marks a new chapter in my quest for fitness.

Wait, this looks better...

My Quest for Fitness

Last week, after 90 days of sweat, frustration and eventually something resembling 'pride', we bid a fond farewell to Tony Horton and his Merry Band of Sadists (Shut UP, Dreya. No one cares how you come out of your lunge.) and this week we begin anew.

This week we said "hello" to Shaun T. and his raging lunatics. (Side note: Why Shaun T? Why not a full name? What is Shaun trying to hide? Must investigate.)

Insanity, here we come.

We did our Fitness Test yesterday and despite my expectations I did not crumble into a heap of lowered expectations. So that's something.

Today is a 4 mile training run and then something called Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Now, 90 days ago, I would never have attempted this, but I've already done a 4 mile run followed by P90X Plyometrics. I think I've got this.

Famous last words.

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